This week I had the chance to speak at Manhattan Bridges High School about the HVAC industry.

It always amazes me when I give these speeches how few young people are aware of this industry which impacts their lives in so many ways.

This is precisely why we are facing such a dire situation in terms of skilled labor and why I take every opportunity I can to open peoples eyes.

Thank you Gavaskar Reid for the invitation.


Don’t Miss The Boat!

If you’re trying to get your NYC Refrigeration License, please be aware that you have to sign up for a date on the FDNY website, and currently there are no dates available until late May. 

Every Tauris Tech Refrigeration student is told how to get a date on day one, and studying in our online system allows our students to accumulate the 200 hours required in under five months.

Starting March 1, 2019, Tauris Tech will also be hosting multiple weekly, live, online and mobile device accessible classes for students to get all their written and practical exam questions answered.

If you are studying for the exam and your school hasn’t even helped you sign up for the test, I would suggest you think about what other information they are not giving you.


On-Site Classes

Tauris Tech is now offering On-Site Classes, where we visit machinery rooms featuring commercial HVAC equipment, including chillers, pumps, air handlers, boilers and cooling towers.

Many companies will be looking to fill operating engineer jobs soon, and knowledge of the machinery room is critical.


Congrats Edwin!

I’ve been working with my friend Edwin for several years to get his NYC Refrigeration License, and he finally passed last week, which will almost double his salary.

Now he’s joining the Tauris Tech team to help us produce training material for the custodial staff of the NYC school system.


A Giant Step!

I’m proud to announce that Tauris Tech has begun a NYC Refrigeration Engineer training course for the employees of Waterline Square, a 2 million square foot, 1,100 unit residential complex developed by GID.

Our hybrid training model, allows students to acquire their 200 hours online in months rather than years, and our weekly review meetings allow us to refine their understanding of the online material, by interacting with the actual equipment and software they will be working with.


What Are You Waiting For?

In a few weeks I will be starting a building engineering course for a new development in Midtown Manhattan, which will be looking to fill dozens of positions when it opens, including operating engineers.

This is why I started an online NYC Refrigeration Engineer course; so that my students will always be ready when opportunities like this one come along