We specialize in HVAC and refrigeration training on and off-line. In fact, we are the only organization that:

  • Has an online Refrigeration Engineer course approved by the FDNY

  • Has a Refrigeration Engineer course that can be completed in under 6 months

  • Has a 100% pass guarantee

The NYC Refrigeration License is one of the most highly sought-after HVAC and building engineer certifications in the United States.

  • The exam is given by the FDNY at 9 Metrotech in Brooklyn, NY

  • The Written Exam is a 110-question multiple choice exam, and cost $60

  • The Practical Exam is a 50-question interactive simulator, and cost $225

  • 70% is passing on both exams

  • Anyone who fails Practical 3 times must retake the Written Exam

To qualify for the FDNY Exam you must:

  • Be over 18

  • Have a High School Diploma or GED

  • Have the EPA 608 Universal License (Included in the Tauris Tech course)

  • Complete an accredited 200-hour course (Like the one Tauris Tech offers)

  • To register for our online class, please email us your full name, email address and copies of your government issued picture ID, and HS diploma/GED.

  • You will receive an invoice, which can be paid online

  • Once the invoice is paid, you will receive your online login information

 Tuition: $4,500

  • 10% Discount for upfront payment ($4,050 total)

  • Includes 1st EPA Exam Fee (retest is $100)

  • Does not include FDNY Exam fees