Tauris Tech Is Going Global!

HVAC not only changed my life; it has changed the world!  

HVAC is more than heating, ventilation and air conditioning for human comfort.

The food we eat and the medicine that heals us could not be produced, stored or transported without HVAC.

Data Centers that power the internet and store our money would not function without HVAC.

HVAC offers a wide array of high paying jobs, that don’t require years of higher education, and cannot be replaced by robots or automation.

Cryogenically frozen fuel propels the rockets that allow us to explore outer space!

In November we’re sponsoring a class in Guyana, and hopefully next year in Ghana, and anywhere else we can help people allow HVAC to change their lives too!


We attended a great meeting last night on Electrification and Heat Pumps, given by the Association of Energy Engineers New York Chapter.

It is critical that we create awareness about the benefits of heat pumps, and drive down costs, to help NY achieve our GHG emission reductions goals.

Thanks to the AEE-NY team for hosting a great event, including President and Vice President Ryan Merkin and Chris Haun (pictured), speakers Michael Bobker, Rebecca Isacowitz and Sean Brennan, moderator Adam Hinge, and my friend Robert Berninger for the invitation.


I'm so proud of my friend Ryan Luna.  After getting his NYC Refrigeration License with Tauris Tech, and spending time in our paid trainee program, we referred him to David Taylor with Trax Mechanical, and now he's a supervisor.  

I've helped thousands of men and women get licenses, but nothing is better than helping someone get a life changing career.


In the six months Christopher Lopez and Jacob Valentin have been studying with Tauris Tech they have passed the EPA 608 exam, NYC Refrigeration Written Exam and helped install several HVAC systems.  And they’re still teenagers!  #realworktraining


Day 1 of our new NYC Refrigeration Class!

No other school offers online training, hands-on training and field trips to working machine rooms. This is why our students have a 90% pass rate at the FDNY! #realworktraining

Congratulations Gabriela Smandrova, another successful Tauris Tech alumni and Q-01 holder from 50 West Street.  

Based on what I'm seeing, many NYC resident and property managers are going to need their Refrigerant License; so Gabriela and Sonam Dolker have a big advantage if they decide to go in that direction.


Our trip to the Daikin North America facility provided inspiration for the upcoming Tauris Tech Paid Training Program.

Thank you Art Grant and Larry Thiel for the invitation and your continued friendship.  

Hopefully we'll be installing a lot Daikin heat pumps soon.

Brandon started the Tauris Tech HVAC SUMMER CAMP today!  #realworktraining