Congratulations Gabriela Smandrova, another successful Tauris Tech alumni and Q-01 holder from 50 West Street.  

Based on what I'm seeing, many NYC resident and property managers are going to need their Refrigerant License; so Gabriela and Sonam Dolker have a big advantage if they decide to go in that direction.


Our trip to the Daikin North America facility provided inspiration for the upcoming Tauris Tech Paid Training Program.

Thank you Art Grant and Larry Thiel for the invitation and your continued friendship.  

Hopefully we'll be installing a lot Daikin heat pumps soon.

Brandon started the Tauris Tech HVAC SUMMER CAMP today!  #realworktraining

I referred Aasim Smith to my friend William Mardorf C.E. LEED GA, after he attended my Heat Pump Installation Class, and now he is an apprentice for SB Building Solutions.  

In the next few months we plan on offering a Paid HVAC Training Course, where students will get the chance to earn while they learn.

 #tauristech #realworktraining


Congratulations Sonam Dolker, who just passed the NYC Refrigeration License Exam.  

Thanks to my friend Seth Coston for the opportunity to train employees of The Albanese Organization and 50 West Street.

So far we’re batting 1000% at the FDNY, with a dozen students getting their license in under 6 months.


Thank you Michael Gubbins, Vincent Pedone, GID and Windsor Communities for the opportunity to prepare the staff at Waterline Square for the NYC Refrigeration Engineer Exam.  

In under six months 15 out 16 have passed the Written, 6 have passed the Practical and everyone should be fully licensed by September.

It’s an honor to work with such great people and organizations that believe in investing in their employees.

 #tauristech #realworldtraining


Real World Training = Real Work Training!

Recently Tauris Tech installed a heat pump in an office where seniors were working without air conditioning.

Since we didn’t have direct access to the area the outdoor unit needed to be installed, we had to remove the A/C sleeve so students could crawl outside to get the job done. 

This type of determination and critical thinking allows us to wholeheartedly endorse our students to employers; because we’ve seen how they perform in the real world!

Tasheba Hamilton, VP of Tauris Tech speaking at the Brownsville & East New York Housing Development & Housing Legislative Conference on June 8, 2019, about the courses we offer.

The key to home ownership and generational wealth is quality employment; and Tauris Tech is dedicated to helping people get high paying jobs without thousands of dollars in student debt.

Thank you Al Scott Jr., and the East New York Homeowners Association for organizing this event and inviting us to speak.


A year ago Patrick started training with Tauris Tech after he saw one of my interviews, and it inspired him to get his NYC Refrigeration License and become a Building Engineer.  

Now he’s a Building Engineer making six figures and people are getting inspired by his interview.

Where do you want to be a year from now?