Been There, Done That!

As the former Technical Director for a trade school I am very aware of the process of becoming accredited with the State Education Department.

Not seeking accreditation for Tauris Tech was not an easy decision, because it prevents our students from using financial aid to pay for our courses; but it's one I had to make.

Accreditation would require us to wait up to a year for approval from people who have less industry knowledge and real world experience than the people on our team.

People take our courses, because they need better jobs now, not a year from now.

And worse, we would be required to resubmit to this process, every time we wanted to update our 30% or more of our curriculum; which is why most accredited trade schools have not updated their curriculum for DECADES!

At Tauris Tech our mission is offer cutting edge training, so that our students get qualified where it really counts; in the real world, not the classroom!

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