Testo Tour

Today, Tauris Tech VP Tasheba Hamilton and I toured the Testo Instruments - North America facility in New Jersey. 

Anyone who’s seen my videos or attended my seminars know how much of a fan I am of Testo products.

Thank you Michael Ficacci for the invite, and I cannot wait to talk more about working together in the future. — with Tasheba Hamilton.


Been There, Done That!

As the former Technical Director for a trade school I am very aware of the process of becoming accredited with the State Education Department.

Not seeking accreditation for Tauris Tech was not an easy decision, because it prevents our students from using financial aid to pay for our courses; but it's one I had to make.

Accreditation would require us to wait up to a year for approval from people who have less industry knowledge and real world experience than the people on our team.

People take our courses, because they need better jobs now, not a year from now.

And worse, we would be required to resubmit to this process, every time we wanted to update our 30% or more of our curriculum; which is why most accredited trade schools have not updated their curriculum for DECADES!

At Tauris Tech our mission is offer cutting edge training, so that our students get qualified where it really counts; in the real world, not the classroom!

#getreal #realworldtraining


Field Trip becomes a Service Call!

While taking students on a HVAC field trip, we discovered that a split system meant to cool the elevator control room was not working, which could endanger the buildings occupant.

Thankfully, one of our instructors, Ronald Huarneck, is a controls expert, who quickly found the problem and got the unit working again.

In a few hours these students learned more about split systems, troubleshooting and electrical controls wiring than they ever would have in a classroom.



This week I had the chance to speak at Manhattan Bridges High School about the HVAC industry.

It always amazes me when I give these speeches how few young people are aware of this industry which impacts their lives in so many ways.

This is precisely why we are facing such a dire situation in terms of skilled labor and why I take every opportunity I can to open peoples eyes.

Thank you Gavaskar Reid for the invitation.


Don’t Miss The Boat!

If you’re trying to get your NYC Refrigeration License, please be aware that you have to sign up for a date on the FDNY website, and currently there are no dates available until late May. 

Every Tauris Tech Refrigeration student is told how to get a date on day one, and studying in our online system allows our students to accumulate the 200 hours required in under five months.

Starting March 1, 2019, Tauris Tech will also be hosting multiple weekly, live, online and mobile device accessible classes for students to get all their written and practical exam questions answered.

If you are studying for the exam and your school hasn’t even helped you sign up for the test, I would suggest you think about what other information they are not giving you.