So proud that Tasheba Hamilton and I had the opportunity to attend the Bedford Stuyvesant Veterans Memorial Day Parade. 

Thank you Wendy McClinton, CEO of Black Veterans for Social Justice, for organizing an amazing event, which included speeches from dignitaries like the Hon. Hakeem Jeffries.

We recently visited their office to discuss how our Air Source Heat Pump Course, which will provide real world training and job opportunities, can benefit the veterans they serve; and were glad to come show our support.


Tasheba Hamilton and I just met my mentor AB Whitfield, founder of the Trey Whitfield School to discuss the upcoming Tauris Tech Air Source Heat Pump Training program.

Mr. Whitfield taught me the importance of being a positive force for others, and hopefully, by providing training that leads directly to employment and installing heat pumps in the homes of people in need, this program can accomplish just that.


Oisin O’Reilly joined my refrigeration class at Waterline Square on February 10th, 2019.

Today he passed his practical exam, and has his license in under four months.  

This is only possible with the online and real world training offered by Tauris Tech.


The Long Way or The Short Way

Two of my students passed the NYC Refrigeration Engineer Practical exam last week and sent me pictures of their certificates.

One of them started the Refrigeration Course with Tauris Tech on 01/01/19 and had his license by 05/16/19.

The other I taught at a different school in 2016, which required him to take two years of courses before he could take their refrigeration course; and once I left that school, no one there was able to help him pass the exam.

He reached out to me a few months ago, and now he has his license too.

Unfortunately it took him over five years to get it.

The refrigeration license is just the first step to a better job; and I want my students to get it as quickly as possible, so they can take all the other steps to get those jobs.

long way short way.jpg

It’s Official!

Stacks+Joules and Tauris Tech are joining forces to provide training and job opportunities in HVAC and Building Automation to teens and underserved communities.

Thank you Jonathan P. L. Spooner, J. Michael Conway and Tasheba Hamilton for attending today’s meeting.  And a big thank you to Thomas Quinn for bringing us all together.

Stay tuned!


A good teacher is a good student!

I’m taking several VRV classes offered by Daikin North America along with my team members Ryan Luna, Lindon Robertson, Tasheba Hamilton and Steven Barrera-Fiallos.

Thanks to my friend and Daikin instructor Rodrigue Jasmin for the great classes.

Hopefully we’ll be putting these skills to use very soon.  

Stay tuned!


Today Tasheba Hamilton and I attended the NYSERDA Heat Pump Workforce Training Stakeholder Meeting at the DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown.  

Thank you Scott Smith, Rachel Genzer and Adele Ferranti for the opportunity to attend.

It is critically important that we increase awareness about the advantages of heat pumps over traditional heating and cooling systems, as well as the abundance of job opportunities in the HVAC industry.


Tasheba Hamilton and I just met with Thomas Quinn and Jonathan P. L. Spooner of Stacks & Joules ( about working together to provide HVAC and Building Automation to underserved youth.  Stay Tuned.  #realworldtraing


Skilled Trades Are For Everyone!

Yesterday, Tasheba Hamilton and I met iron worker Ambra Melendez and sheet metal worker Thelma-Louise Fernandes at a Brooklyn Navy Yard meeting, about how to improve the welding courses offered there to high school students.

Amber and Thelma both spoke eloquently about their experiences working in the field and training others; and Ambra is even featured in the documentary Hard Hatted Woman. (

With an ever growing shortage in skilled labor, we need to start encouraging more young men AND women to explore these careers.

Thank you Ismail Ocasio for the invitation.


Thank you Gavaskar Reid for hosting the Engineering & Architecture Commission at NYU Center for Urban Science + Progress today.  

It was nice to hear different perspectives on #cte and #stem education, and it also allowed Tauris Tech VP Tasheba Hamilton and myself to network with other like minded people.


Daikin USA tour

It took a lot to get there, but I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to tour the 4 million square foot manufacturing plant for Daikin North America in Houston, Texas.

I can’t thank Art Grant and Larry Thiel from Daikin enough for the invitation.

And special thanks to Tasheba Hamilton, Tom Abogabal and Ryan Luna for taking the trip with me.

Daikin and Tauris Tech share a common philosophy about the giving people opportunities to work in new fields, as well as the need to provide training to ensure that they will be successful.

Hopefully this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship.

Testo Tour

Today, Tauris Tech VP Tasheba Hamilton and I toured the Testo Instruments - North America facility in New Jersey. 

Anyone who’s seen my videos or attended my seminars know how much of a fan I am of Testo products.

Thank you Michael Ficacci for the invite, and I cannot wait to talk more about working together in the future. — with Tasheba Hamilton.