Experience Is The Best Teacher!

Licenses, certificates and college degrees are great, but continuous hands-on skills training is essential for everyone.  

It's better to have skills you don't need, than need skills you don't have; especially when it comes to separating yourself in a competitive work environment. 

I'm sure many people will be able to point out my flaws in this video, but that is precisely why I started doing HVAC CAMPs.

To create a judgement free environment where people can develop their skills by practicing, not by listening to others preach.

HVAC CAMP for Veterans

It was a honor to offer my services at a local Veterans of Foreign Wars Meeting.  

Veterans are often targeted by For-Profit Schools in order to qualify for the 90/10 loophole, which requires them to get at least 10% of their funding from sources other than federal financial aid.

Those who sacrificed so much deserve better than this, and I'm willing to play my part.