Live Online Classes

I wanted to provide a sneak peak of my live online classes, and this is a snippet of my Friday 10 am review class, for students about to take the Written or Practical part of the NYC Refrigeration Engineer Exam.

Many people think you can't prepare students for both simultaneously, but I beg to differ.

And my nearly 100% student pass rate speaks for itself.

A New Approach

I believe that technical training can be improved, and I'm using my class to develop better techniques.

By allowing students to learn new concepts online we can focus on refining their knowledge when we come together.

But we have to stop training people to memorize questions and answers and actually understand the real world applications of the material.

We also need to create an environment where students feel comfortable communicating without feeling they're being judged harshly.

If the teacher is the only one talking they're also the only one learning.

Real World Training

I started doing service calls the last few years specifically to allow me to train students in the field; and I stopped while I focused on getting my refrigeration course accredited. Now I'm going to put this program into full effect, allowing anyone to gain real world, hands on experience under the supervision of professionals.

Employee Training Simulator

Since I posted the video of my critical thinking simulator for students, I've spoken to many people who said it would work well for people working in the industry as well. Continuing employee training, not only offers value to the company, it builds an employee's confidence in their jobs skills, which also increases their job security. Let me know what you think.

Back to Basics!

I work with many people who have taken HVAC courses but don't understand basics concept, so I'm building a video library, that not only explains terms, but demonstrates them in a visual way.

Unfortunately, many people studying or working in HVAC find it embarrassing to ask basic questions of their peers, so I'm hoping to build a learning resource that will aid everyone in the industry.

Over the next decade, when technology has eliminated millions of jobs, HVAC will be one of the few industries that still offers high paying jobs to people without college degrees, and I want to open as many eyes as possible to what the field has to offer.