Experience Is The Best Teacher!

Licenses, certificates and college degrees are great, but continuous hands-on skills training is essential for everyone.  

It's better to have skills you don't need, than need skills you don't have; especially when it comes to separating yourself in a competitive work environment. 

I'm sure many people will be able to point out my flaws in this video, but that is precisely why I started doing HVAC CAMPs.

To create a judgement free environment where people can develop their skills by practicing, not by listening to others preach.

HVAC CAMP for Veterans

It was a honor to offer my services at a local Veterans of Foreign Wars Meeting.  

Veterans are often targeted by For-Profit Schools in order to qualify for the 90/10 loophole, which requires them to get at least 10% of their funding from sources other than federal financial aid.

Those who sacrificed so much deserve better than this, and I'm willing to play my part.

Let's Try Something Different

I just found out that the director for the New York City Housing Authority has resigned.

Apparently 75% of the 400,000 residents in NYC public housing have been without heat this year!

We need to do a better job educating those looking to work HVAC, but also those currently working in the field.

We also need to educate decision makers in building management, government agencies, energy providers and most importantly the general public.

I grew up in Public Housing, so I know first hand the challenges residents are be forced to deal with.

I know how it feels to be exhausted in school as a child, because it was hard to go to sleep in the cold.

I know it feels to be too lethargic to do homework because they would pump in so much heat that you have to open all the windows just to breathe.

Many of these buildings also have issues with lead paint, which poses a risk to young children and those with health issues when the temperature and humidity are not properly controlled.

And let’s not forget the economic and environmental impact of operating these systems wastefully.

This is exactly why I started doing online classes and HVAC CAMPs, and am about to have my first HVAC-A-THON (HVAC MARATHON).

We will never find solutions until we start tying something different.

3 Hours in 2 Minutes

I wanted to show a few minutes of our first HVAC CAMP class, but I'm so busy gathering equipment that I just decided to show all three hours, sped up 1000% times normal speed.

I can't thank my friends and teammates John Fitzgibbon, Ronald Huarneck, William Mardorf and Avidor Hercz for sharing their time and decades of experience.

Seeing this many people show up with less than two weeks notice is validation of how empowering community courses like this can be; and with the help of my many friends and former students, I intend to offer HVAC CAMP's nationwide in the very near future.


A friend who runs a non-profit asked me to teach a HVAC course for at-risk teens.  We still have a few logistics to work out, but hopefully we can get it underway soon.  And if it works here I'm hoping to offer similar programs nationwide.


My students recommended his daughter as a video production intern, so I took them to do a walk through of a machinery room.  

Looking at the footage you wouldn't be able to tell that this was a teenager using professional equipment for the first time. 

Responsibility is a skill that can only be acquired by being given responsibilities.

This is why I want to train my HVAC students, not just in the classroom, but also on real world jobs.

Live Online Classes

I wanted to provide a sneak peak of my live online classes, and this is a snippet of my Friday 10 am review class, for students about to take the Written or Practical part of the NYC Refrigeration Engineer Exam.

Many people think you can't prepare students for both simultaneously, but I beg to differ.

And my nearly 100% student pass rate speaks for itself.

A New Approach

I believe that technical training can be improved, and I'm using my class to develop better techniques.

By allowing students to learn new concepts online we can focus on refining their knowledge when we come together.

But we have to stop training people to memorize questions and answers and actually understand the real world applications of the material.

We also need to create an environment where students feel comfortable communicating without feeling they're being judged harshly.

If the teacher is the only one talking they're also the only one learning.

Real World Training

I started doing service calls the last few years specifically to allow me to train students in the field; and I stopped while I focused on getting my refrigeration course accredited. Now I'm going to put this program into full effect, allowing anyone to gain real world, hands on experience under the supervision of professionals.