This is a business plan for Micro Split Systems Inc., a division of Tauris Tech, presented by CEO Tauris McBride.

Executive Summary

Tauris Tech provides employee training in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and A/C) and building engineering. We provide training for large property managers and developers as well as state government agencies. We also provide on-the-job training to students by installing and servicing air source heat pumps

Our new subdivision “Micro Split Systems Inc.” will focus on manufacturing and installing low cost, air and water source heat pumps, which will allow us to provide jobs and on-the-job training to hundreds of New Yorkers and help NY achieve the reduction in GHG emissions required in recently passed laws

Mission Statement

Micro Split Systems Inc. is focused on creating solutions in the following areas:

  1. Employment

    • We will create hundreds of local jobs, with benefits and advancement potential.

  2. Education

    • Employees will receive training, which will enhance their ability to advance their careers within the company or with other companies

  3. Environment

    • We will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by rapidly increasing the volume of heat pumps installed in New York homes and businesses.