Business Model

We will employ a direct sales model, in which we market and sell directly to businesses and consumers. Rather than manufacturing units in large quantities, we will design, manufacture and install units, based on customer needs.

Business Model Advantages

  1. Customers have to pay costs upfront

    • Many service companies go out of business due to customers not paying

  2. We will not have to create packaging, warehouse finished goods or ship items

    • Traditional manufacturers spend millions on packaging, shipping and warehousing

  3. We can continuously improve our products based on insight from previous installations

    • Traditional manufacturers invest millions in fixed production lines that do not allow for variation

  4. We can resolve customer issues quickly

    • Traditional manufacturers rely on installers to deal with customer issues

Our Pricing

Micro Splits will cost customers 50% to 80% less than regular mini split systems

  1. Micro Splits: < $1,000 (equipment and installation)

  2. Single Zone Mini Split: $2,500 to $8,000 (equipment and installation)

  3. Multi Zone Mini Split: $5,000 to $15,000 (equipment and installation)